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The struggle of composing a great essay is real. We are here to assist our students and guide them into composing a well-structured essay.


Our aim is to help our students get the desired results by letting our professional professors’ work on their assignments ensuring subject accuracy and quality.


We understand the value of our student’s thesis and how much worth it holds which is why our team is the best out there to help you achieve a grade that will unveil future opportunities easily.

Privacy Policy

The team British academics help, requests to all its clients to go through and understand our Privacy Policies before placing an order. Our team won’t be responsible for any misunderstanding or mishap amongst our clients.

If you have any queries regarding our policy, feel free to contact us on our 24/7 customer support team. Our Privacy Policies have been designed to ensure the safety and privacy of your personal information and confidential material.

We have fool proof methods to protect the privacy of our customer’s information. Therefore, it is essential for the customers to provide us with their correct user name, email address, and password.

We are responsible to secure and keep safe the data of our clients that they provide us, unless the Law demands it from us.

With the use of website cookies, we store the IP address and the most viewed content by our customers to enhance our audience’s experience on our website.

We have a proper procedure for the maintenance of our user’s information. If any important notification is released, we inform our customers via call, SMS, email, or fax.

To retrieve one’s confidential data and information, a client has to email the request to our Legal Department. After which, our Legal Department will ask security questions from the client to ensure authenticity and provide the safe and secure service.

Refund Policy

We understand our duties towards our customers and made Refund Policies for their facilitation. We have a Legal Department who has the authority to decide the amount to be refunded to the customers, as no one can avail a 100% refund because of other charges. The amount can differ according to the case.

Following are the Refund Policies of British academics help:

  1. The client should go through these refund policies to properly understand and to avoid any kind of mishaps in the future, as the team British Academics Help will not be held responsible if such a thing happens.
  2. Refunds are possible if clients request the refund within a month after order placement.
  3. 50% of the amount paid by the client will be deducted by the team British Academics Help as service charges.
  4. Without proper evidence, a refund will not be eligible.
  5. Refund will not be issued for:
    Orders with a delivery deadline of less than 48 hours.
    Dissertation projects with a delivery deadline of less than 10 days.
  6. 100% refund is not applicable and the amount will be refunded as per the circumstances.
  7. Clients will be eligible for money back if 30% of the work delivered is non-original and customer is meeting the refund criteria.
  8. The claim of the refund is only allowed after taking three revisions by the client and is still disapproved by tutor. The tutor feedback will be required.
  9. The investigation will not be conducted if a bad quality claim is of contextual nature when the compensation is requested for Editing, proofreading, or formatting Order. Input is not presupposed to the original context by editing, proofreading, and formatting services
  10. An investigation will be led by the Quality Assurance Team in the case that the Customer is not happy with the product and requests Refund. Detailed feedback is required from the Customer indicating the mismatch of the Order instructions. The basis of resolution for the Customer's claim will be determined by the results of the investigation.
  11. Processing of the refund transaction may amount to £10 and more. In the case of a smaller transaction amount - it cannot be processed because it barely covers transaction fees both of Company and Clients’ bank. The amount will be given back to the Customer as a credit to use in future payments on Orders.
  12. Time duration of one month is required for a refund process as it is the standard time for conducting the overall scrutiny of work.
  13. Every correction, minor or major, will be taken as revision and the charges will be deducted from the refunded amount.
  14. If the client gets in contact with a third party like a law agency, Bank or PayPal before involving us and letting us know, it will result in breaching of our contract.
  15. If any client tries to harm our policies by making a false claim, strict action will be taken against them.

Our Process Model For Efficient Service

Make inquiry

Client provides their requirements via chat
We make an offer and assign a professional

Order received

Client books an expert and confirms order
Payment is processe

Online sessions and execution

Our experts assist the student
Work is improved until the best
outcome is achieved

Review and feedback

Final drafts are rechecked by professionals
Final corrections suggested, if required


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